We are people who take care of people

We are a company made up of great people, a company driven by and for the people. Our teams and clients are at the centre of all that we do and are the reason for all that we do.

We listen to their points of view attentively, and with every decision we make, we ask ourselves: “what is best for the client?” We are aware of the importance of correctly designing each point of contact to be able to offer a personalised and memorable experience. The final product is just as important as the way to it.  

We believe in constant learning; we love to explore beyond the four walls of our offices.The truth is: nobody has everything solved, there is always space to keep learning. Not only are we a talented team, we are a motivated team ready to take on the future.

by Petitpalace?

In a sector full of change, we know that the strongest and the biggest will not survive… only those that are capable of adapting themselves to a future full of new opportunities and challenges will.  

For almost 20 years our company has created a catalogue of more than 35 hotels in Spain and Peru. Today we are not only making changes at all levels but also making strategical decisions that need to go alongside a brand that allow us to grow, adding new and different products to our portfolio. In turn bringing flexibility when it comes to commercialising our services and above all giving us the capacity to be relevant in a sector in full transformation.

Petit Palace Hotels becomes
Hotelatelier by Petit Palace.


About us

We are dynamic and highly innovative with an entrepreneurial spirit which, alongside our adaptability to different scenarios, allows us to leverage added value to any hotel project.

We started our adventure in 2001 and since then we have consolidated our capacities as a hotel operator.

The experience acquired in the technological and strategical management makes us the perfect partner. 

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We believe in the uniqueness of people and for that reason we encourage our teams to participate, innovate, share their professionalism, have courage to excel, create their own goals, grow and improve the client experience for whom we work.

Loving your place of work makes it easy to keep Hotelatelier a Best WorkPlace 2019. Become part of The Best Team to Work in!

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Thanks to this award we are now recognised as the best hotel company in Spain in the 500 - 5,000 employees category. This award is also an indication of the pride felt by those who make up the Hotelatelier team to be part of this project.


Biz Dev

Hotelatelier is a dynamic and highly innovative hospitality operator.

Our entrepreneurial and technological spirit allows us to adapt to different scenarios in which we can leverage added value in multiple types of accommodation.

Our inspiration is to become operators, developers, consulters and eventually partners that allows us to consolidate a unique valuable proposal focusedon the development of global hotel connections.



HSA El Dorado ****
HSA Internacional ***
HSA Plaza ****


HSA Paracas ****


HSA Posada del Monasterio ***


HSA Monasterio de la Recoleta ****
HSA Urubamba ***
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